Dada and Dadagiri

Published: 15th August 2009
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So the most successful and aggressive captain of Indian cricket of all time, Sourav Ganguly, alias ‘dada’ is back on the 22 yards in his new avatar in ‘Dadagiri’. This time he is a hosting or better to say captaining a game show in the television, which has been scripted keeping in mind the spirit of cricket. It has got several rounds that have been named as slog over, google and have got scoring systems like 4 runs, six runs etc. Planned in the shadow of the legendary KBC of Amitabh Bachchan, Dadagiri allows participants to take help from the audience, but here the person answering for the participants is being called the ‘runner’. The show is in its initial stage but has already attracted many people and there shouldn’t be any prize for guessing what or who the center of attraction is. Its Dada, the dada of Indian cricket but more importantly, the dada of Bengal and all Bengalees.

I have been watching ‘dadagiri’ from the very first episode and I feel it has been perfectly named. How can you get a better name than ‘Dadagiri’ when the person hosting the show is nicknamed as dada and has got the record of showing his bare body standing on the balcony of Lords, one of the major pilgrimage sites of world cricket? ‘Dadagiri’ is a pure Bengali term which refers to showing guts and dominance and when you look for such a personality in Indian cricket, you get only one name. its Sourav Ganguly.

However, the spirit of ‘Dadagiri’ in Zee Bangla is little different. Here doing some ‘dadagiri’ with the dada himself is the real challenge. Don’t know whether anyone will have the guts to do it with such a huge personality but to me the opportunity to ask some questions to dada like ‘we had seen a TV footage where you, Chapel and Dravid were talking. What was going on there? or ‘in 1992 Australia tour, we have seen you carrying waters to the field, how did you felt? were quite close to it. Probably Dadagiri is the only stage where common people like you and me can put our ‘dada’ in some kind of ‘friendly’ trouble, because these are questions that he is not comfortable with but he knows his fans are eager to know the real stories behind such incidents. Making ‘dada’ reveal the secret is a ‘dadagiri’ in itself and that’s to me is the biggest highlight of this game show.

Till now, dada’s performance in the 22 yards of entertainment has been quite identical to that of the real cricket pitch and I am sure as time passes by he will get more and more involved to it. He is questioning people with a smile and his looks, body language and approach during the ‘google round’ has been perfect. He is successfully confusing the participants even when they are being asked most silly questions with little twists and that’s where his success is. Dada has never been to any game show before this but in his debut he is quite close to a century, which reminds me about his dream debut in Lords 96.

No matter whether it’s 22 yards of a cricket ground or the set of a television show dada’s ‘Dadagiri’ is always there to entertain the crowd.

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